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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration and Repair in Evansville

Experiencing a house fire, no matter how small, can be an inconceivable experience. We offer experienced fire damage restoration to the Evansville area. For over 40 years, Paul Davis has restored tens of thousands of homes damaged by fire.

If you need immediate service, please call us or click on the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above. We’ll do everything possible to arrive at your home within 4 hours.
Here are some of our fire and smoke services:

  • Thorough assessment of fire and smoke damage
  • Emergency cleanup including cleaning of soot and chemical residues to prevent harmful side-effects
  • Sanitation, smoke odor elimination, and air purification
  • Assistance with the insurance claims process

Why is using a certified fire and smoke damage restoration firm important?
Smoke, soot, and fire each cause destruction in their unique way. Cleaning up and restoring a house after a fire is a complex process. Smoke penetrates far beyond the burned area, into dry wall and attics, leaving behind an unpleasant odor that can linger for awhile. Add to that harmful soot which can coat walls, floors and tables and you’ve got quite a mess on your hands. Choosing a firm without legitimate certification to help with fire restoration can cause more harm than good.

Your friendly, professional repair and fire restoration technicians from Paul Davis in Evansville, IN have the know-how and experience to fix any damage caused by a fire.

What should you do?
Make sure you and your family are protected. Go here to find out more information about how to keep your family healthy after a fire.

Why Paul Davis?
Experience is essential. That’s why the people of Evansville call Paul Davis for restoration services. Paul Davis in Evansville, IN is prepared to take on any fire restoration job. We guarantee you won’t regret choosing experience.